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Vinnie (09/2020)

Vinnie was one of four kittens of a stray cat Bubbles that we look after. One day he got missing and he was gone for 4 days. Then one of our team members found him on 10th of November 2020, just few blocks away from the place where he lived with his mum and his siblings, crying loudly and in distress. He was brought in, very hungry and quite weak, but otherwise ok. He was big enough to be weaned, so we decided to keep him and find him a safe and loving home instead of releasing him. He was checked by the veterinarian, and apart from some parasite treatment that was needed, he was healthy. After few tests, he could join other kitties in our care and he was brought to our Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. Foster Home on 18th of November, where he lives since. 

Vinnie is a very good and adorable boy. He is still a little bit shy, especially when people are walking around him, but when you sit with him, and stroke him, he immediately starts to purr. He is very gentle and when he feels safe, he allows you even to rub him on his belly or try to give you small shy kiss. He loves to play, on his own with all kinds of toys, especially small noisy balls and mice, or plays with other cats. He is very curious and likes to discover all interesting, and often hidden places. His most favorite place to sleep is on the cat tree in a small hammock, but cat beds under the couch are good as well for him. He is a quiet little fella, apart from the day when he was found and when he is in a big distress, you don´t even know he is in the room. He is very new to being handled by humans, but he is making huge progress. You can lift him and carry him, though sometimes he decides to run away, just in case. He is a strong, amazing and handsome boy who deserves good and loving forever home.

Vinnie was adopted abroad and in April 2021 he travelled to his forever home.

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