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Electra (3/2022), Female 

Hi there! I am Electra. One day, my mum brought me and my three siblings to one of the Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. feeding stations and we stayed there. I was fine at the beginning, but within few weeks I started to feel really poorly and I got sick. Fortunately, founder of Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. found me and took me into their care. I am all good now, all treated and growing into a beautiful young lady.


I am a very clever girl; I have to warn you. I figured out how to escape from my isolation crate pretty much immediately, even when I still didn´t feel good. I didn´t need to go far, for me, it was important just to be next to the crate to show humans that I can do it, haha, you should see the look on their faces.


Anyway, I am all fine now, ready to do some mischiefs, whatever I can think of. The best is when I can make some trouble with a kitty friend, but I am ok on my own as well. I love to play with everything. I am very brave and extremely curious. I want to see and check out everything. When I get tired from all that playing and trouble making, I just go to my small cat bed and fall asleep like a little angel that I am. I like to sleep on my back, often with my legs stretched to sides or up. I am a big friend with humans, I really enjoy their attention and cuddles, and if I really like them, I will purr for them as much as I can. The luckiest will get a kiss as well.


Though I really like foster home, I would love to find my own place, my own humans that would love me, spoil me, take care of me and play with me.

Electra was adopted abroad and in July 2022 she travelled to her permanent home.

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