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Pingu (02/2020), Male

Hello I’m Pingu, a big ball of love and energy! I was found in the snow storm in Athens. I think I was abandoned in front of the shelter, as I was meowing all night and in the morning they found me outside in the snow. I was super friendly so they picked me up and carried me inside. I was so happy to be in the warm, I was also starving so I have the best meal ever!

I am loved and adored by all, and for good reason. I am a master cuddler, a fast friend, and I am built like a cinderblock. I will defend your honor and bless your home. I bring good fortune wherever I go. Pat my head for 10 years’ good luck. I’m super super friendly towards everyone! I love humans and everything they do, I love to help you so don’t worry I’ll do everything with you!

Cuddles are the best, I like to be picked up and carried around so I’m always involved. Head smushes, neck smushes, give me all the big smushes you can, I will always be there for a cuddle. I like spending most of my time lying in the living room, or wherever the center of life is. I like to dominate the space sometimes, without getting in trouble with the other cats. I am usually calm and will stay by myself, but when I feel like it I become really cuddly and I am always down for a caress. I don’t really like treats but will ask every time I hear the packaging open to try some, just to leave them there a bit chewed at the end. I’m still young so playtime its what I need to keep me occupied. Chasing balls is one my favorites! Toy mice with catnip in I will go crazy for, you’ll find me rubbing myself all over it to get the small of catnip!

The feathers games are a must as well, but wait until you try a laser to see me going wild!

I don’t really like male cats but I looove kittens!! I want to teach them and groom them all day long! Female cats are also okay, as long as they don’t get more attention than me!

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Pingu was sponsored by Yachen (Germany)

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