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Ebony (03/2019), Female

Hello my name is Ebony and i was rescued from an abandoned buiding in Varkiza to get sterilised. I was taken to the vets but when I was there they discovered I was far too pregnant so the Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T. team decided to keep me and placed me in a cozy, quiet bedroom to allow me to deliver my babies on 08.2.22. Humans helped create the perfect environment for me by including soft beds, igloo beds and fluffy blankets around the room! I gave birth to three strong, beautiful kittens on 14.2.22 and immediately took care of them as I should. I licked them to remove the amniotic sacks from around them and took a few moments to chew on the umbilical cords as normal. The entire birth process for felines is incredible and humans kept telling me I was amazing from the beginning.


My kittens, Bamboo, Juni and Olive nursed for the first few weeks until they grew a bit and wanted to explore the world/ bedroom. And they did! They discovered each object, toy and corner around the big bedroom and I was always close by in case they needed anything. I was very friendly since the 1st day I was trapped and even though I had my 3 loving babies later on, I trusted the people who took care of us and they could be around us without any issue at all.

Due to my ear problem humans had to clean my ears daily and also put ear drops but I was great with medication as well as I knew it was for my own good. I was very easy going and relaxed even though I didn’t enjoy the process. I have been sterilized and had my operation for the polyp removal as well!

I am very pretty, as you can see from the pictures I have a beautiful grey color and my eyes are shining!

I enjoy to sleep in igloo beds or comfortable, cozy areas. I really like to snuggle in and also like to sleep inside cabinets!  I likes cuddles and strokes but I am the kind of cat that need my personal space as well. I can be shy at first meetings and can get scared around loud noises and fast movements. I feel more comfortable in calm and quiet surroundings and that is where you will see my true personality. I am super relaxed and laid back and don’t need a lot to be happy! I patiently wait for her food, even the tasty snacks. I will come for them but very quietly!


I mostly sleep during the day but evenings are my favorite as I will come out from my comfortable space and hang out around humans, play with some toys and observe the rest of the family! I really deserve a loving home where I can spend my time chilling and getting affection.

Ebony was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in January 2023.

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