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Boo (03/2024), Female

Hello everyone!! It’s so nice to introduce myself! My name is Boo and I am a very sweet and tender lady! Me and my siblings were born by a stray mother somewhere in Agia Paraskevi. The paddock is bordered by a road with heavy traffic and unfortunately when we started walking, our fourth sibling was hit by a car and didn’t make it. A student from Santorini alone in Athens, tried to protect and take care of us in his apartment but in two days he was leaving for Erasmus so he looked for someone to take over after him. We stayed with a lovely lady for a while who took care of all our tests and exams and brought us to LBS act sanctuary to give us a better chance to finding our loving permanent homes!

I love other cats, I am super sociable and easily make new cat friends!!Although being very open to other felines I can be a bit shy towards humans and need a little time to warm up, I assure you it doesn’t take long for me to feel comfortable. I adore playtime whether I am playing with various toys or playing with some other fellow. String toys are the best toys in the world, give me one and I will open my heart to you! I like hiding under things and likes to lay by the window observing the world go by from my peace and quiet!


I like having my siblings in close proximity as they boost my confidence and make me feel comfortable and safe, I have grown next to them so I am super attached to bothI am not very fond of pets and cuddles yet but that might change soon so bear with me! I am growing after-all and my personality is changing!!


Something else I adore is tasty food and snacks so you can make me very happy if you have something yiammi around!I am new to the family of LBS and although its super fun being here I would love to find my forever home, help me find my matchy matchy, will you??

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