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Daisy (08/2021), Female & her baby Ladybug (04/2022), Female

Hello my name is Daisy and my baby is Ladybug! We were very lucky to be saved by a woman when we used to live outside as I didn't have the strength to fully take care of my baby. We went to wonderful home where people take care of us, we have fresh water and food and get proper care and humans bottle fed my sweet angel every 2 hours when I couldn´t due to my medical issues.

I was a loving mom.  I wasn’t feeling like myself when I was living outside and I was also in pain but I have been an amazing mom since I was rescued, I could hear Ladybug crying and was looking for her to go near her and cuddle her. We are extremely sweet and cute to look at, everyone loves to observe us when we cuddle and play together, when we groom each other and everyone can understand we share a special bond. We can play together like there is no tomorrow. All this is a reason, people from LBS want us to be adopted together as we cannot live apart from each other.


I might feel a bit timid when someone will approach me in a sudden way but I will just curl into a small ball and try to hide. It’s easier to get near me and pet me in a calm way when i don’t pay attention. I don´t feel comfortable in busy surroundings and around loud noises. I allow people to cuddle with me when the petting is short and slow each time. I am mostly quiet during the day and enjoy resting on a high scratching posts somewhere in the house but will come out in the evenings to play and observe the younger residents at the house. I do love going outdoors to our little protected terrace. I snuggle a lot with my daughter and even though Ladybug has grown I will never deny turning upside down and letting her suckle.


I will allow Ladybug to introduce herself and tell you some things about her personality and then I will come back to talk a bit more about me.

Hello my name is Ladybug and I am a very sweet young kitty who can get crazy from time to time during the day but I am calmer than the rest of our babies in general. I am extremely cuddly in the mornings and like to snuggle in.


I will jump on the bed and come seeking for strokes. I am a kind and very friendly cat, easy going, patient and very gentle. I don’t like to be carried around the house but love human interaction when I feel like it. I like wet food and will always prefer it over treats for some reason! I don’t have a special toy I play with, but really enjoys the toys filled with valerian root and all stick toys. I like to spend time watching TV and could observe the birds on the screen for good 20-30 mins at a time! I am perfect with all the other cats but adore my mum and that is why I continue to suckle, even if I am too old for that! I enjoy spending time on the terrace and always, at least I think so, behave well outdoors!

We would love to get adopted together and can’t wait for it!

Daisy and Ladybug were adopted abroad and they travelled to their forever home in April 2023. 

Photo gallery - Daisy

Photo gallery - Ladybug


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