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Aurora (08/2021)

Hello my name is Aurora and I was a bit scared at the beginning, but after adjusting to the new environment and being indoors I have relaxed a lot.


I am still timid from time to time with new people and new incoming cats but thanks to my curiosity I leave my hiding spots often in order to explore the house and check everything out. I don’t mind petting and stroking but I am not a big fan yet. I can be lifted and carried easily. I love to play, especially with other kittens and I am very close to two other kitties at the foster home, same age as mine. Pebble is my favorite friend, we sleep together, play together and clean each other many times throughout the day.


I enjoy wet food and treats! I like to sleep in one of the wardrobes on towels! I enjoy to sleep on the bed near humans, but I still don’t sleep on their lap but will come to sit next to them on the couch, observe the surroundings for a while and then fall asleep! Being in the right home with the right people will make me blossom and help me show my amazing, playful and sweet personality.


I only need some more time to fully trust humans and let myself feel safe and loved as I deserve.

Aurora was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in February 2022.

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