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Autumn (04/2023), Female

Hello!! My name is Autumn and this is my story. Me and my siblings, were rescued on the island of Tinos by a kind human when vacationing. He noticed our mom at first who was sick and very skinny, unable to take proper care of us. He scooped us all up along with our mommy. Our mom who was named Roxy got adopted by the rescuer while me and my siblings are looking for our forever home.


I am the sweetest girl! I am amazing towards other cats and love humans! Me and my siblings adapted very quickly to being indoors and around people! Like most kittens do, I love playtime, especially if that means playing with her siblings! We all love to run around, climb, chase balls and play with string toys. I am very affectionate and love spending time snuggling with my siblings. A good tasty snack is very much appreciated! I am super sweet and affectionate and will rub my face towards you when seeking for attention. Car rides and being in a cat carrier don’t bother me at all. I have many things to learn about in life but I am an adorable girl who we will turn into a lovely lady!


Even though I am very close to my siblings, I also know the value of private time and enjoy being alone sometimes and observe the rest of her family.

Autumn was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in October 2023.

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