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Coco (06/2020)

Coco was found wandering the streets all alone, someone called out to hear and realized something was wrong as she wouldn’t respond. She looked very frightened so she was scooped up and taken straight to the vets. She was treated for a respiratory infection and then came to our shelter.

Coco is a special young lady, she is super sweet and full of love! She will chirp when she knows you are there and is always happy to see you. Coco is deaf so needs to be an indoor cat or only have access to a catio or fully enclosed garden. She loves to play, especially with ping pong balls! She could chase the balls all evening, she also loves wet food! If you have some she will be your best friend instantly. She is a special lady and has a little trouble coordinating her movements, so a safe and calm home would be best for her. She will give you so much love and will make any house a home.

Coco was adopted locally in Athens in December 2020.

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