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Holly (03/2012)

Holly was surrendered to Let’s Be Smart by her owner as they were moving country and could not take Holly with them.

Holly was one of a dozen stray kittens that the previous owner found on rough ground opposite their house in the summer of 2014. The owners fed the kittens regularly and helped to find homes for most of them. Holly though was not so lucky at the time (although her luck would certainly change quickly!). When the owners tried to catch the kittens to take them for adoptions, Holly at the last minute decided to jump out of her cat box and run back to the undergrowth. A few months later Holly became sick (she was probably only 4 months old at the time) and the owners took her to the Vet. Since it became very cold at night, the owners decided to bring Holly into the house and from that time on Holly refused to leave the house. Although she spent many hours outside, she would always return to sit and meow in the kitchen window – insisting on being let in for the night. That is how Holly adopted her family to which the owners later on added another stray cat - Lilou. When the owners had to leave Greece, they contacted our shelter to take Holly and Lilou into our facility.

Holly is super cute, super affectionate lady! She loves cuddles, she will jump into your hands to get all the love she can. She loves to have a meow conversation and will let you know when she wants attention, or food! She likes to sit at a window and watch the world go by.

Holly was adopted abroad and in December 2020 she travelled to her forever home.

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