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Combe (06/2023), Male

It’s time for you to get to know a lovely young man!! My name is Combe and I am a very sweet and loving kitten who was rescued from the engine of a car in Athens. A kind lady, as it turned out, was walking down the road and heard my cries. She was talking to me and was trying to make me come out, but I was hesitant at first as I didn’t know what would happen. The lady was a rescuer and knew exactly what to do to make me feel more comfortable. She used mom cat calls for kittens on YouTube and tricked me to get out of my hiding spot.  As soon as I saw her face I knew I was safe so I run into her arms and started purring!

I am a very friendly, loving and cuddly cat. I am super sociable and seeks human attention many times during the day! 
I am not shy at all, I don’t easily get scared and although I am small in size I am fearless and brave! I only needed a few days to adjust to the new surroundings and all the news smells so I will easily adapt in any household if you decide to adopt me. Oh, I don’t know if I told you already, I am looking for my forever home so this is me trying to make you fall in love with my amazing personality and send in an adoption application with my name on it! I hope I succeed! Let’s see. 


I am a curious and explorative young boy who wants to get to know every corner of the house! When it comes to food, I can become a little monster during feeding time so you can count on me to finish every plate left behind! I like sleeping on the bed (my favorite area to lay and rest is my cabbed on the bed) and I enjoy laying up high. Even though feeling the fresh breeze on my fur while on the balcony feels nice, I prefer to hang out inside, and enjoy a soft bed or fluffy blanket instead. It feels sooo good!

I am loving and affectionate and will try to soak up all the love you will give him. If you pet me and decide to stop, I will meow and ask for more. There are never enough cuddles for me. I like to watch Tv and go crazy when you put birds on Youtube, I keep trying to get them and don’t easily get tired so bear with me.


My favourite hobbies are climbing up the net in the balconies (I go really high, and that is why I am sometimes called Spyder Combe), friendly fighting (a lot) with my best friend Benji and playing with all kind of toys I can find.

My previous life is a mystery and to tell you the truth it all feels a bit foggy. I can only clearly remember everything after the day I was rescued from the car engine. I would like to find him a great home where I can grow in peace and safety, enjoy lots of cuddles and become a wonderful man!

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