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Zara (06/2021), Female

Hi my name is Zara! I was found by a friend of the shelter, I was only a few days old all alone and crying outside their home. They were on holiday in northern Greece so they had to take care of me until they came back and the shelter took me in. They did an amazing job at bottle feeding me! I came to the shelter when I was around 2 weeks old and I love it here!

I am a sassy young lady! I have grown up with sooo much confidence I do what I want when I want to. No one can stop me! I love to investigate new things and I’m not scared of anything (maybe the vacuum a little bit but don’t tell anyone!). 

Because I’m still a kitten I need a home with a family who will play with me all the time and help me continue to grow into a big and healthy young lady. I have loads of energy and I always want to play! Kittens are my favourite and I love to wrestle with them and chase them around. Ping pong balls are also so much fun, anything that moves and makes a noise is mine! But nothing beats a stick toy, when my humans wave it around in the air I go crazy! When I’m finished playing, cuddling up with my favourite human is the best thing ever. For such a small lady I have a huge purr and you can hear me from miles away! It’s my way of letting you know how happy I am to have cuddles. I will lay on your chest, snuggle in and spend all the time I can with you.


When I love you, I really love you. I form very strong bonds with people so I need a human to love me as much as I will love them. At night I will sleep in bed with you, tucked up by your face, in between your legs, anywhere close to you. It makes me feel safe to sleep with you and I am just a baby so I need extra comfort. I also love to sleep on top of my favourite kitty friends, they make the best pillows!

I am a super special, entertaining and loving young lady. I would love to find a home with some cat friends to play with and a family to love me. Could that be you?

Zara was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in December 2021.

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