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Arizona (2021), Female

Hey my name is Arizona! I was living with my baby daughter Nopal (Mexican for “Cactus” although I am more like a cactus in my nature than she is) with a kind lady who brought us to live in her home from a life of struggle on the streets. One day this lady fell ill and had to move abroad and brought us to the shelter for a safer future where I now live with my baby girl. We miss the kind lady and think of her, and I am now trying to embrace my new life at the shelter with so many new friends.


I am a small stocky build yet ballerina like and agile type of cat, multi coloured in the browns with some touches of golden orange, my face is round like a desert moon, and I am oh so shy and come across as quite serious which I am in fact, but I am also very street wise and sensitive, I will hide from people I don't know, so well that people will wonder if I am still living in their house, but I will eventually with time come out of my shell especially in the presence of a friendly chill male cat that would make me feel comfortable and secure and then I will be less shy of humans too. I arrived very recently at the shelter where I am now living with my baby girl Nopal, to whom I have tried to say not to mix so easily with humans, but she refuses to listen to me and I have scolded her a bit about that but perhaps she is right? If kind people and the right person or people come along, I might be able to start feeling more relaxed and showing more of my magical colours? I hope this day will come, as I am an affectionate cat deep down, just shy at this point of my life...

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