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Phoenix (05/2022), Male

Hey my name is Phoenix! I was living on the streets with my siblings Pumpkin, Chickpea and my beautiful mother in a garden that felt safe, we were trying our best to survive, but we were moved from there as cats were not really wanted in this garden. This is how i reached the shelter where I now live with many other rescued cats and friends.

I look a little like a fox, light and airy, orange cream coloured, with fluffy longish hair. I have a warm spirit, I feel so much affection for people, I love to be held in someone kind’s arms, where I could spend all day. I am looking for my best friend that I could hang out with all day. 

I love to play with my siblings and other kittens of my age or bigger who are chilled out, I am very smart and observing of others and always in on the action. I cannot say that I am shy... I am actually always looking for and dreaming of good company and good friends to be with.

I’m very smart and always in on action, I will observe and follow your every move once I give you my heart, so I can make sure to be close to you and show you all the affection I feel for you.

Phoenix was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in January 2023.

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