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Steve Irwin (4/2022), Male 

Hi I’m Steve Irwin! I was rescued as a one day old baby, my mum had abandoned my siblings and I. One of them had already passed away when we were found, sadly my sister didn’t survive so I was all alone. I needed a lot of care and attention when I was a baby, I was bottle fed every two hours and they didn’t think I would survive. But I’m a fighter and I kept going! Ellie kept me close to her heartbeat and I kept growing, big and stronger every day. When I was a baby I was very wobbly, the vets aren’t sure if its a nrutological problem, and because I’m so young they won’t know until I’m older. So I need monitoring to see if I’ll have problems as I grow up.   

I’m the sweetest, cuddliest baby you will ever meet. I have such a gentle personality, all I want is love and attention. I like to sit as close to your heart as possible, always on your chest and near your face to get maximum cuddles. I love every human I meet, I am confident and if they’ll give me cuddles, they can be my friend. Belly rubs are amazing, I have a super soft belly and it’s great for tickling! I’m such a softie, give me as many kisses as you can too!

My best friend in the whole world is Sandy, she’s like my sister, so we need to find a home together. We sleep together, play together, eat together. When I was a baby and struggling to survive, as soon as I met Sandy I loved her. She helped me to gain confidence and be less wobbly.

As I’m a kitten I still have lots of growing to do! Like all kittens I’m playful, energetic and need a lot of attention. So a home who can give me a lot of love and playtime would be best. Because I may have neurological problems and can be a little unsteady I also need a home who can keep an eye on my health and be aware I might have a disability as I grow up.

You’ll be rewarded with so much love and cuddles from Sandy and I, I promise we will give our whole hearts to you!

Steve Irwin was adopted to the U.S. and he travelled to his forever home in August 2022.

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