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Penelope (05/2023), Female

I was found in Varkiza at a spot above LBS foster home. I was all alone and crying. Humans believe someone abandoned me there, since all the stray cats in that area are neutered. Without hesitation, they brought me home to take care of me. I am healthy , fully vaccinated, and ready to find my forever home.

I got my name from the famous heroine in Homer's Odyssey. My name symbolizes faith. I am a very sweet and tender kitten who never stops showing gratitude for being rescued from the street. From the very first moment, i felt safe and snuggled into my rescuers arms as if she had known me forever. I am very friendly with people and I am not afraid when new people approach me. I am in generally accustomed to noises and can even play with the vacuum cleaner! When I enter a new environment, I am initially a bit shy, especially if there are other cats around, but I adapt after 2-3 days.


I am always one of the volunteer’s favorites! I like to sleep with them, I gives them kisses, and I always seek to be hugged! I enjoy playing with everything, have a special love for balls, and like to play hide and seek with you. When I get bored of my toys, I don’t miss the chance to steal something from your belongings and run away to hide, savoring her new trophy. When I am in a place with other cats and have gotten to know them, I become the politest tease. If you decide to make me a part of your family, then you should know that I will be wherever you are. I will want to sleep always by your side, in your arms, giving you lots of kisses and boundless love. In return, I will wait for you to lift me up and kiss my belly and my face, something I really love. I won’t ask for anything special in terms of food. For me, food is about giving and receiving lots of love.

I will happily wait until my forever person comes up and I find a great family to be part of!

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