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Willow (06/2019)

Willow and her siblings Shadow and Flash (they were both adopted) was born in one of our SMART Yards whereby the building has agreed to help look after them and a few other cats. Our organization has been providing proper shelter, daily food and medical care as needed in order to make sure they are well cared for. The neighbors also help to keep their bowls full of biscuits and water as a joint effort! They have been living there since the summer and now that they are being sterilized, we will bring them inside to our nearby FOSTER home in order to be domesticated and ready for a loving home. The three siblings had started to venture out into the road so we knew it was their time to be safe. Their mom is an old timer and our neighbors have agreed to help in the costs of finally sterilizing her as well, which will be best for her health. 


Willow is extremely friendly and loving and is a purr machine! She has beautiful long hair just like her mom and siblings. We think we know her dad too and he also has long hair!  


Willow was adopted in March 2020 abroad. 


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