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Ferman (06/2017), Male

Hello my name is Ferman! I was hit by a car, I was lucky to be okay but the vets said it caused damage to my eyes. After spending time at the vets to recover the vets noticed that I was starting to get some vision back. Slowly I have gained more vision but it might not be 100%. As time goes by I think I can see more, but I might never be able to see fully.

I’m a very gentle boy. I don’t have a bad bone in my body. I am super calm and relaxed, I don’t ask for much! All I want is affection and love, the more the better. My favourite thing to do is find the coziest bed and relax! Big squishy blankets are the best to snuggle up in, especially when it’s cold outside I like to make myself super comfy and nap.

As I gain some sight back I gain confidence too. But I still don’t have my full vision back so I need an indoor only home with someone who can give me the time and love I need to explore at my own pace. Other cats don’t bother me, I am happy to live with other cats as calm as I am. Sometimes I don’t mind kittens either, they make me feel like a kitten again.

I am so chilled I would love a calm home, a human to give me all their love and affection would be amazing too. The only time you’ll see me super excited is dinner time, I love food a lot! I’m still very polite when I eat though. I’m always a gentleman!


Ferman was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in November 2022.

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