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Falcon (04/2021), Male

Hello my name is Falcon. I was found by a friend of the shelter, she lives in Athens and her mum found me crying along in their garden. I was so scared and I didn’t know what to do, I am very lucky they heard me. They asked LBS to take me in as I had nowhere to go, they did and now I’m happy, healthy and have lots of friends!

I’m a very gentle boy, a real sweetheart. With my kitty friends I play a lot, we wrestle and chase things together. I love having friends! We investigate together, climb and its really fun. I’m a gentle player so I look after the young kittens in the group. Humans are really good too, I’m so gentle in asking for cuddles. I sit next to them and stare into their eyes until they give me big head scratches. Then I’ll climb onto their lap and tuck myself in for nap time. I sleep so well when I’m being stroked. I’m a growing boy so I need a lot of food! I love food! That is the only time you’ll hear my big meow, when it’s dinner time!

I’m only a baby so I have a lot of growing up to do, I hope I’ll become big and strong!


Falcon was adopted abroad and in September 2021 he travelled to his forever home.

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