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Duke (11/2015)

Duke lived on the streets of a local neighbourhood for several years. One of our team members noticed he wasn’t looking well, had some bad sores on his face and needed treatment immediately. He was taken to the vets to be tested and treated. Upon his recovery, we felt he would be alright to join in our sanctuary.

Duke is a very friendly and affectionate boy with longer fur and unique markings. He loves cuddles and will always talk to you through chirps and meows! He is very playful, and after discovering toys for the first time he loves to chase and play, especially with a lazer! He likes other cats, however he can get jealous of attention so might be good in a household with only one or two other cats, so he can have all the cuddles! Duke is FIV positive otherwise he is healthy and ready for a permanent home.

Duke was adopted abroad and in February 2021 he travelled to his forever home.

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