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Ella (08/2020), Female 

Hello I am Ella, I was found during a TNR project run by LBS. They noticed I was super friendly and loved humans! I was living on the streets for my whole life, it was a cold and lonely life. Luckily the team were able to take me to the vets so I can join the shelter and finally find love.  

I’m a very unique lady! I have one green eye and one blue one, I think it makes me stand out from the crowd! I love humans, I think they’re really cool. Even after a tough life on the streets I am so trusting!

I love cuddles, I purr so loud you will hear me when I am happy. I only like certain cats, especially my best friend Tourmi. who lives in the shelter with me. I am playful, but I’m learning what toys are after only having leaves to play with! Could you be my forever home?

Ella was adopted abroad and in August 2021 she travelled to her forever home.

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