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Mota (06/2020)

Baby Mota was born in June 2020 and she was rescued from a car engine! One of our collaborating vets stopped in at the Voula vet clinic (our collaborating clinic as well) to visit a dog and as she was chatting outside with the clinic owner, they heard meows. After tracing the meows, they found a kitten inside the visiting vet's car engine! Thankfully she was at the right place at the right time to have the kitten rescued. The vet then called the Founder, told her about Mota and asked if we can help.

We brought Mota from the Vet clinic to our SMART foster home on 26.8.2020. She received anti-parasite treatment and we did the first vaccine as well. She is healthy and very playful and active!


Mota was adopted abroad and in December 2020 she travelled to her forever home. 

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