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Catooje (2020), Female

I have a terrible and difficult past. I was hit by a car and abandoned on the streets to die. After that, I was placed into a garden where other dogs could attack me and I had open wounds all over my body because I was dragging myself due to my paralyzed hind legs. I felt sad and miserable because I didn’t believe someone would come along my path and actually care about me. But thankfully my life changed. A lady stepped in and took me under her care until I came to LBS shelter where I am happy and get lots of love and cuddles.

I am a sweet lady who is friendly towards other cats but have been used to live alone so I enjoy hanging out by myself. I love people, I am very social and friendly and I like human interaction. I am an easy going kitty, I adapt quite easily to new environments and I don’t get shy when I meet new people or new fellows! I am brave in general and adjust everywhere but at the same time I don’t say to a nice safe hiding spot that is only for me when ai feel like taking a break from the world. At this moment, this hiding spot is a cat tree and it does wonders! 

I love playtime and enjoy having various toys around me to choose from! During the day I enjoy laying on human beds (they are super comfyyyy) or inside a cat house on the balcony. I really like spending time on the balcony.. there is something about the fresh air, the warmth of the sun-rays and the nature sounds that make me feel wholesome.


I really like food as well but don’t have any special preferences! Any food is great for me. I absolutely love cuddles and will rub my face towards you to ask for strokes. I have been through a lot but I quickly understood that humans are kind and having met the right people have made me loving and calm. Nobody knows my previous life and I because I would like to forget all about it I won’t discuss it with you.


The only thing I will tell you is that I was hit by a car and my back legs don’t work properly. I can use them but I don’t really know how. As a result, to my disability, humans have to help me pee and poo on a daily basis. They do it to help me and I am such a loving cat that will show my appreciation immediately after by being sweet and cuddly. I am also used to having baths because they are often needed. I am very affectionate and I know that my difficulty can be a stumbling block but my personality will reward you and make you forget all the rest. 

I promise I will be your forever and best friend if you just give me a chance. 

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