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Holly (05/2023), Female 

Hey sweet world I am Holly and this is the story of my life so far!! A kind person found me roaming around the Holiday In near the airport and rescued me! The person that found me tried to find someone to take care of me but wasn’t very lucky so he kept me in his room for a few days! He reached out to LBS organization and after coordinating for the necessary tests and procedures he arranged to add me to the gang at the shelter! 


I am very friendly towards people, children but also others of my kind!! When I meet new people I need a few minutes to sniff you and after some investigation I am all good to go! Even though I am still a little ball of fluff I don’t get scared by loud noises or fast and unexpected movements. I quickly adapt to my surroundings and feel very happy around other cats and people! 

As I am still young I have lots of energy and love playtime! One of the best parts of the day is when other kitties all get in the same mood as me and create a crazy playground where we can all run and hide and play and jump!! My favorite toys are plastic balls and I can’t get bored of the ball runner!! I like snuggling with other cats or on the bed and love laying in the hammock of a cat tree that people have placed in the main living room for us! 

I enjoy my meals and you could even say I am food motivated! My favorite? Kitten mousse! It tastes AMAZING! 

I am very sweet, affectionate and loves cuddles! 

I love being held like a baby cause it fills my heart with love and comfort! I love to lay in the bed or in the egg chair and snuggle with other cats! I like sleeping on higher places and enjoy a good scratching post to fil my nails! I am young but I am still a lady! 

I am calm when people had to put me in a crate to move me and in general I am a laid back chilled girl! I would love to find a family to grow with them and I look forward to receiving lots and lots of love from them. 

Holly was adopted locally in November 2023.

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