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Rey (02/2023), Female

Hola beautiful people!! My name is Rey and I am a gorgeous lady available for adoption.  I would like to tell you a few things about my journey in life so far!! 

I was living on the streets before being rescued and I can certainly tell you that life is very difficult and dangerous for stray cats. My future was unknown and I struggled to find enough food and water every day. Apart from that, having to watch my back out was a never ending story! I got very lucky when a kind lady saw me and decided to help me. She rescued me and after some tests and treatments I joined the LBS family. 

I am a very shy girl who needs a calm environment and a patient human to make me feel comfortable. Loud surroundings are not for me and I feel much more safe around easy going people and cats! I need time to adapt to changes and really appreciate a soothing ambiance where I can enjoy some peace and harmony! The life at the shelter can be a bit too busy for me and I prefer being away from all the activities going on and hang out alone. I like other cats don’t get me wrong and I love playing with them as well! 

I am just not very comfortable around humans yet. I know they are safe and only want the best of me but it takes time to full trust them and bloom. I like hanging out with younger cats and share my experiences with them.  We exchange opinions and bond. 

When the weather is nice I love to sunbathe and enjoy every minute of the day outdoors! The shelter has netted balconies all around the house so we can all enjoy the fresh air but be safe at the same time! I have missed on good food while living on the streets so I get too excited now! The food here is so yummy, I cannot stop enjoying it!!I feel blessed when my caregivers try to make me feel good around them. When they bring the laser toy and take the time to play with me I get very happy and my heart fills with gratitude. I don’t feel comfortable to be touched by people yet and I prefer they respect my privacy. I am a curious lady and I like to explore but will do it under my terms not any circumstance. 

I like to sit high and observe the world, I do get fascinated by what is going on but I like to watch and study from far away. I know I am not the most social cat at the shelter and I have realized that the cats who are cuddlier and more extroverted than me get easier adopted but I deserve a forever home as much as everyone else. 

I just need some extra time to let my guards down. I know I will thrive if you give me the chance to! 

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Rey is sponsored by Amalia (Greece)

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