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Ruby (2021), Male

I am a 2.5-3 years old boy, although my name is mostly female…blame my godfather for this! I come from Amorgos island, Greece.

I was living in a cat colony at a monastery. When visitors would come, I would come out and greet them purring. See…I was looking for a real home from an early age. When I saw my current human, I climbed on her leg and wouldn’t let her go. She petted me and I started purring immediately. It was love on the first site. After her visit at the monastery she found me waiting for her, with a flower! I proposed to her. So, she decided to adopt me.

Unfortunately, my mom’s plans have changed and she’s been traveling during the winter and has no place to leave me, where I can be happy. At any rate, I don’t enjoy being away from my human, or share my space with other cats or dogs… I am very sociable with humans though, a purring machine and playful! I love having my human’s undivided attention, sleep with them and get loads of cuddles from them. I am a little …prince.

I enjoy being in- and outdoors. Best case scenario for me would be to live in an area where I can safely be outdoors when I want to do my walks and then return home. I am sterilized & vaccinated and have my dowry: my crate and my sand box.

Ruby lives currently with his rescuer. If you wish to adopt Ruby, please contact our organization at:

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