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Nikitas (07/2022), Male

Howdy, my name is Nikitas. I am super friendly and outgoing kitty who has a huuuuge heart for everybody, humans or kitties, I don´t see any difference!


First thing in the morning, when the alarm clock goes off, I have to run to my human friends and snuggles underneath the covers and cuddle as much as I can as there is not much time during the day. I really enjoy pulling and chewing on human´s hair or climb on the head and purr myself to sleep. Sometimes I am like a feline Velcro, I don´t want to let go.


I am very active and I really need somebody to spend some quality time with me, to play and cuddle with me. I am one of those kitties that needs company and attention, I don´t really like to be alone.


Trouble maker? Me? No! Where did you hear that? Of course, I have to check it if I can hear somebody else doing mischief, who can possibly ignore that? Ok, change of subject., please.


I really enjoy time spent with others, and I absolutely love when I can do so on our small terrace. We can chase each other, observe birds, chew on cat grass, sniff plants and climb on our little olive tree or just chill out on the fresh air. Exploring everything is a must.


I am a big assistant, from helping with house cleaning chores to preparing beds for sleeping to writing on the laptop, reading books, crafting and even watching TV. Wherever you need my help, I am there. It is in my nature to help.


I am looking for a family, that is more active and can keep up with my energy. I really would like to be with other cats or a child, so we can do some exploring and mischiefs together.

Nikitas was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in April 2023.

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