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Deimos (06/2023), Male

Good day everyone! My name is Deimos and I would like to introduce myself to you!


Like most kittens in Greece, I was found alone on the street, crying inconsolably. I was found by a mother with her child, who had the compassion to take me off the street and offer me a home. So, she brought me to LBS cat sanctuary, where I am currently enjoying lots of love, cuddles, good food, and endless playtime.

My name is not random. I have a very sweet and beautiful little face. Before you fully understand my character, it's like seeing an angel. However, this lasts for about 1 minute. Soon, you start to see this beautiful little face transform into a mischievous little devil. I am only 2 months old, and yet I know very well how to assert my freedom, play, and what I have missed most of all, enough food. Until I complete my vaccinations, I am safely kept in a crate. I am thirsty for play!


When I want to go outside, I demand it with the loudest voice a small kitten can produce. Of course, when I get to go outside and spend some time there, I don’t stop running and playing simultaneously with any game I encounter in front of me until I drop from tiredness.


I look forward to the day, in a few days, when I will join all my other friends, to unfold various aspects of my character and share with all of you!

Deimos was adopted abroad and he travelled ot his forever home in November 2023.

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