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Pepper (08/2022), Male

Hi, I’m Pepper! I was found wandering the streets near a cat shelter and some friendly people took me in and gave me food and shelter!

I was probably abandoned but luckily, I don’t remember that part and I’m enjoying my life currently! 


I am still young but already tall and playful! I have the hair color of pepper, which is why they named me that and I have long legs and a cute face! They say I might be a shepherd mix but I don’t know much about that, I just know I like running and chasing other dogs so we can play! I’m still a puppy so I like chewing on things to grow my strong teeth and I love treats! I like to eat fast so they give me a slow bowl, but I just switch it with another dog so I can eat fast and keep playing! I also like naps in the sun and I looove cuddles! My dream day is to play with my family and then have a nice nap with them!


I’m an independent dog but I also love my people and want to be near them all the time! I’ve been told I will make a great family pup and I can’t wait!


Pepper was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in August 2023.

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