Sahara (01/2019)

Hello, my name is Sahara. I am a mum of Desert kittens – Atacama, Gobi, Kalahari, Namib and Thar. I was an amazing mum and all my kittens were very well looked after. However, one day, somebody took them and threw them away and I couldn´t find them. I tried to look for them everywhere and cried, but nothing. And then, some people found my little kittens and brought them to me in a strange looking box. I hesitated only for a second and I just walked into that box to be with my babies. This is how I  came to Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. Foster Home.

I have never been an indoor cat so it was difficult for me at first, but then I became much more comfortable and now I enjoy the perks of being an indoor cat. I looooove wet food, so whenever it is the wet food feeding time in my foster home, I am all ready. I really enjoy sleeping on soft cushions and blankets and I love cat trees, especially those tall ones, from which I can observe everything that is happening in the house. Scratching posts are the best. I don´t know yet my favourite toys but I am watching other cats living with me and I think that I will join the game soon. I love being outside on the balcony, it is my favourite part of the day. I never miss the opportunity to go and sunbathe or just relax and observe the world. It would be lovely if I could find a home with an outdoor protected area. 

I am a very nice and friendly cat. At the foster home, I became friends with all felines pretty much immediately. All I need is to gain some more confidence around humans but now, since I got used to being them around me, I like it and they can even stroke me and pet me. I am sure that in no time I will enjoy cuddles. I have a very kind personality and I would definitely thrive in a nice and calm home. Would you find a place for me in your heart and in your home?

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