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Sahara (01/2019), Female

Hello, my name is Sahara. I am a mum of Desert kittens – Atacama, Gobi, Kalahari, Namib and Thar. They were all lucky to be adopted to amazing homes and I am the only one left from my family and also waiting for a great home.

I was an incredible mum and all my kittens were very well looked after. However, one day, somebody took them and threw them away and I couldn´t find them. I tried to look for them everywhere and cried, but nothing. And then, some people found my little kittens and brought them to me in a strange looking box. I hesitated only for a second and I just walked into that box to be with my babies. This is how I came to Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. Foster Home.

​I have never been an indoor cat so it was difficult for me at first, but then I became much more comfortable and now I enjoy the perks of being an indoor cat. I looooove wet food, so whenever it is the wet food feeding time in my foster home, I am all ready. I used to have problems with gums in my mouth, but since most of my teeth were extracted (I have only 3 canine teeth left), I am all good and have no issues to even enjoy dry food.

I really enjoy sleeping on soft cushions and blankets on bed or couch. I am however a tree type of feline, I love higher places, like top of cat trees or even tops of wardrobes. Those are best places to observe my surroundings. Scratching posts are great as well, taller, the better.

I love being outside on the balcony, it is my favourite part of the day. I never miss the opportunity to go and sunbathe or just relax and observe the world. It would be lovely if I could find a home with an outdoor protected area. 

​I am a very beautiful, nice and friendly cat. I like to sleep close to humans and even have some cuddles and strokes from time to time, but only on my own terms. If humans pay attention to some other cats and I can see it, I can get bit jealous and then I will come and ask for cuddlees and attention as well.

All I need is my own forever home where humans would love me. I have a very kind personality and I would definitely thrive in a nice and calm environment. Would you find a place for me in your heart and in your home?

Sahara was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in March 2023.

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