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Jasmine (01/2022), Female

Hello my name is Jasmine and I am a young, affectionate and sweet lady! I  recently came to live with the Let´s be S.M.A.R.T. team and meet the rest of the kitty family but was out of my hiding spots roaming around the house and making friends in less than a few days.


I really enjoy spending time on the couch receiving cuddles and strokes! My favourite spot to pet me is my belly, I love belly rubs and will turn around showing it off to seek for cuddles! I love toys but don’t have a specific favourite one yet, I am happy with whatever, small balls, feather sticks and fluffy toys! I am very friendly towards all the other cats no matter if they are females, males or kittens so I am the perfect cat to adopt and make your forever friend!


I am very easy going and relaxed in general! I like to spend time around people and other kitties and my favourite room of the house is the living room! I look forward to have my forever person and enjoy cuddles all day!


Jasmine was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in November 2022. 

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