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Curly (03/2019), Male

Curly here! I’m a very sweet 2-year-old boy who LOVES the company of people, give me a little while to warm up to you and I will be your best friend for life. I have spent life thus far as a stray and have a few unique quirks that make me so special. I came to LBS with a fractured tail which is famously how I got my name, as the tip of my tail curls over. I also have what’s called Carpal Hyperflexion Syndrome in my front right paw, you’ll notice a little hop in my step as my paw is slightly folded back. The vets that treated me believe this was caused by a trauma incurred during my time on the streets, not to worry though, I can still walk, jump, scratch and play just fine! It would be great though if we looked together at getting me in for some physiotherapy so I can do even more things!

New and changing situations are still quite scary for me; therefore, I’m looking for a calm and peaceful family to move in with, no small children in my new forever home please I think they are very overwhelming!  I love to have all the attention to myself, so while I like other cats and do get along with them if they are calm like me, I would also thrive as the only pet in the home. I want you to know that when we first meet, I will need lots of time to adjust and warm up to you, I will probably enjoy hiding in a safe space for the beginning while I learn more about my new home and family, moving slow and keeping the environment relaxed is key to the beginning of our new friendship.

Patience in the beginning is worth the time in the end, because once I know I’m in a safe and comfortable space, I’m really just a big loveable cuddle bug!


Food, yes please, I love to eat! I also give nose boops, play with toys and really like ear massages. I’m told that I am a great communicator because I will let you know with a muzzle bump and tail flick when I have had enough play time, don’t worry, it’s not friends off I will still come back to be close to you, I’m a pretty loyal guy.


Because I have spent my whole life on the streets, I can find many things overwhelming when I am getting to know them. But I’m just a happy boy looking to be surrounded by lots of love in a calm and relaxing home, could you be my special new family?

Curly was adopted abroad and in September 2021 he travelled to  his forever home.

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