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Grinou (01/2019)

Grinou is a former stray from a colony in a west-northern suburb of Greece. Her mum and siblings were all killed and so she was trapped, neutered and released only to find out that she was the alarm of the neighborhood. Every time someone approached she greeted and cuddled him. She had grown very fond of most of the people, but most of the people shooed her and never paid any attention. One day she got trapped in an elevator shaft under construction building and was crying for 2 days until the young couple that cared most about her discovered where the cries came from and undertook an operation to save her. After that, it was clear that she needed a loving home.

Grinou is a sweet and kind young lady. She is always talking to you, she loves to have a conversation! Her meows will always keep you entertained and she will always keep you company. Grinou is a very loving cat, she always wants to be by your side. Her favorite thing is a belly rub, she will mesmerize you.

Grinou was adopted abroad in October 2020.


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