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Derek (09/2020)

Hi, my name is Derek! I was found with my siblings as tiny babies at some garbage bins. We were struggling to survive and sadly not all my siblings made it. My sister Rita and I are the lucky ones, we spent some time in a foster home growing big and strong until we can to LBS.

I’m a funny and entertaining little man! I love to talk to you, so you will hear me meow for attention and playtime! I’m very affectionate and need a lot of love, I’m smushy and will curl up on your lap for cuddle time.

I’m super playful and love to chase balls and my sister Rita, we play together all the time! We love to explore new things together too. I’m such a handsome man I have very soft fur that I like to keep clean! I would love to find a home with my sister Rita, we are inseparable!

Derek was adopted abroad and in May 2021 he travelled to his forever home.

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