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Carotaki (08/2023), Male

Hey Boo!! My name is Carotaki and these are just two pages of my diary! I used to live with my human dad and my best friend Caramelaki but there was a significant change in all of our lives and my dad couldn’t keep us both.  I was the youngest and it would be easier for me to change household so we took the decision to look for a foster home. My human dad adored me and looked everywhere until he found the right place. I was moved to LBS shelter and I live here now until I find my forever family. 


I am a cheerful and playful kitten full of life and joy.  I am very friendly and like to play with the other furry resident but I like to choose my friends! I am super friendly towards people as well and I am wonderful with children. I need some time to adjust to new changes and surroundings and will keep to myself until I check everything out! But when I complete my investigation and decide I am safe and sound I reveal my true nature and believe me you will love me! I have only been at the shelter for a few days so I am still adapting to my new life but I have already stolen the hearts of everyone there!!I have a loud purr which you will definitely adore and the cutest squeaky meow!! 

I like to have a spot to hang out by myself, far from everything and everyone and enjoy some privacy! Having a hiding place makes me feel comfortable and safe. When I want to enjoy your love and affection I will come to you and rub my body towards your legs back and forth until you get the message and start cuddling me!  I won’t stop until you do show me how adorable and huggable I am! I like higher cozy areas where I can lay and observe the rest of the world and I am used to having scratching posts around me to file my nails! 

I am very attached to a lovely “hunny” bed and blanket of mine which I always used as a go-to for comfort and love to snuggle and make biscuits on it! I am a very pretty boy with two gorgeous big round eyes that look straight into your soul! 

Apart from all the above, I am also astoundingly smart and one of those characters that will fill your days with laughter and happiness! 

Carotaki was adopted locally in February 2024.

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