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Phoebe (6/2023), Female

Hello everyone, my name is Phoebe! I am one of the puppies we recently rescued by LBS team. I got my name after the very famous TV series “Friends” and this is my story.

I was found with my two sisters on the streets. LBS team were driving to Agia Marina and spotted a man on the side of the road with two puppies seeking for help. He found us walking around the street near a dumpster. The team decided to take us all in and as they were putting us in the car, a third puppy run towards them, the last of our sisters, also looking for someone to save her. After taking us all to the vet for tests they took us back to the shelter, gave us a good nice bath which felt amazing and this is how a new chapter in our lives began!


I am a very friendly lady but my personality is more of an introvert. I enjoy playing with my sisters but having some personal quality time for me is very important as well! I get excited when I first meet someone and will enjoy to play and run around but after a while I will be happy to go sit by myself.

I am brave and fearless, nothing gets in my way and I adapt to new surroundings surprisingly quickly. I enjoy having a space where I know I can go and hang out when I feel like it! I enjoy playtime a lot, I like to have various toys available to choose from but I easily get bored (compared to my sisters) and will prefer to just wonder around in peace! My favorite toys are the ones that make this great sound, oh what are they called??? Oh yes, squeaky toys, I love those! I like to spend my day laying somewhere where there is shade and enjoy private time! Even though i am calmer than my sisters, I am still a puppy so I enjoy chewing on everything. 

I love food and you can totally win me over if you offer me something tasty! 

I am sweet and cuddly and adore belly rubs!! I am laid back, happy to be in the car, don’t mind being carried and very easy going! I think I am the smartest of my sisters as I learn very fast and I already know when to sit! 

I would love to get adopted and have a family who will love me, let me hang out on the sofa with them and spend my life by their side. 

Phoebe was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in September 2023.

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