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Yiota (04/2021), Female

Hello I’m Yiota! One night, the LBS staff were out having a drink at a loca bar, halfway through their night I decided to join them and ran across the road to say hello! One of my eyes was badly infected and I was so hungry. They took me and I had a snack with them and then fell asleep in their warm jumpers until they finished their drinks and took me home.

I’m a gentle little lady, super sweet and loving. I always have a smile on my face and I will blink at you super slowly to give you all of my kisses. My fur is super soft and fluffy, and I like to keep it that way. I’m a pretty lady, so you will instantly fall in love with me. I’m very calm and am always in the mood for cuddles. I have a very cute little purr, and like to sit on your chest and purr the night away. As I am a kitten I am also very playful! I love to launch myself at other kittens and we can wrestle together. Balls and toy mice are also super fun to chase too!

I love my food, I always know when it’s dinner time so I will meow at you so you know it is too. I get super excited for breakfast in the morning too. People are really cool and I like meeting new people too, I’ll flutter my eyelashes and they will give me all the attention!

Yiota was adopted abroad and in August 2021 she travelled to her forever home.

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