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Neville (04/2021), Male

Hi I’m Neville! I was living on the streets with my two siblings, we grew up living near a busy road being fed by a kind lady. As we grew up we started to wander more and closer to the road, so the kind people at LBS took us in to keep us safe


I’m super duper confident! As soon as I meet you I will give you a sniff then realise how cool you are and rub myself all over you! Humans are literally the best thing in the world, they give me so much love and attention its amazing. I ask for it all the time too, I’m always the first one to come and say hello! Exploring new places and sniffing new things is so interesting, I don’t understand why I’m always the most excited about it.

I have a huge purr, you will know when I’m happy!  I will sit on your lap and purr so hard you’ll want to join in. I love people and other cats so much I really don’t like to be alone. So I’ll need a home either with one of my siblings or with another cat so I always have company. I would also like a human that’s home a lot as I like their company, it makes me feel relaxed. I’m still young so I have some growing to do, but I’m going to be such a handsome ginger boy I just know it. I can charm anyone! Food is also really good, I love wet food and treats, I’m not fussy I’ll eat anything. Even though I’m going to be a big handsome boy I have a little meow that will make your heart melt.

I have so much love to give I just need someone to give it to!


Neville was adopted abroad in he travelled to his forever home in February 2022.

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