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Capri (07/2021), Male

Hello my name is Capri! I was living in a lady’s garden since I was born, as I grew up she realised I had a problem with one of my eyes. She contacted LBS to ask if they could take me in for treatment. Sadly my eye can’t be saved and will be removed but luckily I still have one good eye!  

I’m such a snuggle monster! I love to cuddle all day every day! I’m a chunky monkey and I will take up all of your lap and demand affection. If you don’t give it to me I will meow until you give in! Other cats are super cool too, sleeping on them is really comfy they make the best pillows. We have so much fun playing together too, I love to jump on them and wrestle. I need a home with another cat so I can have company, I get lonely on my own!

Food is amazing too, it just tastes so good I could eat all day every day! I’m growing so I need lots of food to keep me healthy at least that’s what the humans think!

The lady that found me would like to come and see me in my new home, so ideally I need a forever family living in Greece.

Capri was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in July 2022.

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