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Lucifurr (10/2021), Male

Hello I’m Lucifurr! I am a sweet fluffy boy, I was found wandering the streets of Athens with a really bad wound to my leg. It had bandage on it, so we think someone tried to help me but sadly it didn’t work. The wound was infected and too big to be able to save.

I was taken to the vets to have my leg amputated, which was a shock at first, but now I don’t let it stop me! I am such a cute boy; I am super handsome ad can charm anyone into loving me!


At first I will be a little shy around you, but if you play with me and talk calmly I will come out and show you my playful side. I will chase anything that moves! If it makes a noise, my goodness I will love it ever more. Feather sticks are my favorite as it means I play with humans too which Is really fun!


I love a good smush too, but I like to come to you first. I need to gain trust and get to know you before I decide to let you smush my handsome face. It’s super fluffy too which means I’m even more adorable and irresistible!


Food is wonderful, I could eat for days! Being a growing boy I need lots of food to help me become big and strong. Even though I only have three legs I can still be super speedy and climb anything I want to. I am much better now than I was, it was an adjustment, but luckily because I am still young I am a quick learner! Other cats are cool too, if they want to play! I’d love to have a friend to play with and snuggle with.

All I need now is a family of my own, could that be you?

Lucifurr was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in September 2022.

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