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Peanut (01/2024), Male

Hello people!! My name is Peanut and I have 3 other adorable siblings, Charlie, Woodstock and Snoopy. We were found abandoned in a cardboard box in Oropos, having no one in the world to care for us. We don’t even know what happened to our mom..Thankfully we were rescued by a kind lady, because I am not really sure if we would be able to survive much longer all alone in that dangerous area we used to wonder around. Our rescuer contacted Let’s be smart organization and we were all placed into a loving rescue center! 


I have one thing to tell you that totally describes my personality and that word is amazing! I am very friendly and playful and I am the one who will correct and discipline my siblings most of the time! I do get protective over my food sometimes but I was a stray trying to survive on the streets after all so I will certainly calm down very soon!! I adore cuddles and kisses and love to meet new people! I will welcome you into my life in a minute and unconditionally love you forever after one stroke.

I am confident and don’t get scared by unfamiliar people, noises and needed only a few hours to adjust to the shelter life! My absolute favorite part of the day is the afternoon, when everything is quiet and I can just lay in my dog house along with my brother and take a long nap. I love to play with all kinds of toys, although playdates with my siblings are always preferred! The best toys are the ones you can hide treats in of course!!

I sometimes enjoy sunbathing but if he I could choose only one thing, I would choose to lay and gaze the sky in the shade.

Like the rest of my sibling food tastes amazing, I like everything and will eat anything you give me. I am mostly in playful mood but when I need to be pampered I will seek for head scratches and belly rubs. 



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