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Zoro (09/2019)

Zoro was found in the busy neighborhood of Varkiza. He was struggling with a cold and he also has a defect on his back leg where there is no paw which looked like it was causing him pain. He was trapped by our team members and taken to the vets for treatment. He shortly came to the shelter to continue his treatment and recovery.

Zoro is a very loving young man! He loves to show his goofy side and his favorite thing in the whole wide world is a belly rub! He will squeak at you for cuddles and instantly roll over to show his fluffy stomach. Zoro is very gentle and a calm boy, he loves a nap, especially if it is with his best kitty friend Pirate or a human who will give him love. 


Zoro was adopted abroad and in May 2021 he travelled to his forever home.

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