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Stoic (10/2022), Male

I was the oldest of the puppies found in an area known to locals, as a place that unwanted puppies could be dumped.  Some nice people came and gave us water and food on occasion, but sadly some others left poison.  Half of my friends died from this.  Luckily a group of volunteers came to feed us one day and they worked to get the nine surviving puppies to safety.  I was one of the lucky ones to make it to the Lets Be Smart shelter!

When I was discovered, I sat by myself and was found quietly observing the dire situation I found myself in. My calm disposition (in spite of my older age and size), endeared me to the rescuers. Although I was a big boy, I was happy to be cradled in their arms and feel the safety of their embrace. They tell me I am a beautiful golden treasure, so they gave me a name befitting my courage. I soon come to realize lately, that getting loved is just as important as eating. So, now when I am not TOO hungry, I just want cuddles first and then food. In fact, being loved is so great, that sometimes (even when it's not my turn), I just have to push in there for more.

I am so grateful for love that I can't look you in the eye when receiving it. However, when you talk to me its different - I look directly and deeply into your eyes. You could massage and stroke me all day long and it still wouldn't be enough. I am a gentle giant and in fact humans wonder if I am a reincarnation of Ghandi. You show/train something once and it's like I have been trained before and just do what you showed me. I love other doggies, puppies and buddy and I am constantly bothering them seeking for playtime! Naturally as an energetic dog I need stimulation, so when I feel bored I do find the plants as a source of amusement. Although as mentioned above I am very friendly with other doggies, as I grow up I think I want to become the leader of the pack so sometimes I do like to show my strength to others. I am getting trained by humans to stop this behavior which they try to explain it’s not gentlemen appropriate but.. oh well! I would like to be the only doggie in the family, at least in the beginning!

I don’t like being around cats at all. I am great with children, very gentle and polite!  Basically no one wants to loose me from the shelter, everyone loves me but it would feel awesome to get adopted and have a forever family!

Stoic was adopted by one of our shelter managers in March 2024.

Microchip number:

900219001048420 and 963002000015487

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