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Charlie (05/2017)

Charlie was rescued as a baby from the street after being found in the garbage. He was checked by the Vet before placing into our sanctuary. Charlie grew in our sanctuary into a beautiful, healthy and playful boy. 

In summer 2019 we had Agostina and Lautaro from Argentina coming to our sanctuary to volunteer with us. They felt in love with Charlie and another cat from our sanctuary, Ariel, and decided to adopt them. Since Agostina and Lautaro were after visiting Greece still travelling, we made an arrangements to send both cats with a flight volunteer who brought Ariel and Charlie to them in November 2019. After a long trip from Athens to Buenos Aires (with a one week stop over in New York City) Charlie and Ariel got finally to their new home. Now they live with their adoptive parents and another furry sibling in beautiful Argentina.





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