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Kira (05/2021), Female 

Hello! My name is Kira. I was found as a tiny kitten who was still dependent on her mum. I don’ t really know what happened to me, how I got separated from my mum, but one kind lady found me on the street in Varkiza and took me to her home. She took care of me, because I still needed to be bottle fed with the milk. I stayed with her until I grew up into this beautiful young cat lady. However, she couldn’t keep me any longer, so she found me Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T. Foster Home, where I can stay with other kitties very often with similar stories.


I am extremely friendly, kind and gentle energetic ball of fur. When energy hits me, I am nearly unstoppable, but when I run out, I just snooze a little bit in some cat den or on a top of a cat tree. In the night, I like to snuggle in the bed with other cats or humans, and often purr myself to sleep.


I like to be everywhere, to see everything. I am extremely curious, I love to discover new places, check out cupboards and closets.  Nothing can be hidden from me.  I am also a great helper, whatever you need to do, I am there to assist you, whether you like it or not.


I love to be around humans and cats as well, I really enjoy cuddles and strokes, I do talk to them as well. I would really thrive in an active family, where I would receive a lot of attention and can play a lot either with other felines or humans.


Kira was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in March 2022.

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