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Alice (07/2021), Female

Hi my name is Alice! I was a stray kitty who turned up outside the shelter with my brother. We were just kittens and healthy so we lived  outside for a while as we were a bit scared of humans. Slowly we gained a lot of confidence and stated to love the humans that lives at the shelter. One day my brother got really sick, and he passed away. I was so sad, so the people at the shelter decided to bring me in so I could live a warm and safe life out of harms way. I am so glad they did.

I am a little sweetheart! I am super cute and gentle and love cuddles! I will meow for attention and push my head into your hands for cuddles. I also jump up to meet your hand if it’s not coming to me, either way I’ll get the cuddles. I’m still adjusting to living indoors so I’m not used to a lot of things, I can’t believe how soft a bed is! Blankets are so squishy and everything is so warm!

I love to play! I like to chase things, so feather sticks are my favourite. Even though I’m still young and should be a crazy kitten, I’m much more interested in love and attention that playtime at the moment! I think because I was used to not getting any attention when I was a stray, Now I can’t get enough! I will be the best little companion, I form very strong bonds and when I know you I love you.

When I really trust you I will come on your lap for smushes too, I have the cutest meow and I will so politely ask to jump up. As soon as you say yes I will be there rubbing myself all over you. 

I am so sweet, I have the face of an angel and a personality to match. I would love a warm home with a human to give me safety and comfort.

Alice was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in April 2022.

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