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Fox (10/2022), Male

Hi there!! My name is Fox and as you can see I am an extraordinary beautiful boy who was found in the area of Voula. A friend and supporter of LBS organization saw me roaming around the streets on my own, sick and suffering from diarrhea. She rescued me and took me to the vet to get treated. After spending some time at the vets I was finally ready to get discharged and come under the care of the LBS team.


I am a very sweet cat who can be a bit shy when first meeting other fellows but quickly warms up and feels comfortable around them. I am social and very friendly towards people enjoying the cuddles and pets humans can offer me! I seem to be afraid of men at the moment and can come across as a bit guarded and hesitant in the beginning but if you talk to me gently and soft I feel safe and cool down.

I am a recent addition to the kitty family so I love to explore all the new places and things at the house! Everything is interesting, fascinating and needs to be thoroughly inspected! I am not used to all the new noises at the house so I can feel a bit uncomfortable until I get fully adjusted to all the changes in my life. 

I love spending time in the cat trees and like playtime! I adore playing with other kittens of my age but if I get the chance to play with a nice toy I won’t say no either! I have already made best friends at the house and like to hang out with Blake, Elvis and Noel who was the first to approach me and help him feel safe and sound. 

I like spending time on the balcony and spend a few hours just lying and sunbathing. I am a good eater but behave great around food, no least for now! If I feel comfortable around you I will seek for attention, head bump you and enjoy all the cuddles I can get. I am a stunning little fellow who has some serious growing to do but will soon be all over the place! 


Ps: Grey cats symbolizes "very positive characteristics such as independence, liberty, spiritual enlightenment, intuition, balance, and hope."

I am telling you I am extraordinary!! 

Fox was adopted locally in February 2024.

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