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Mrs. Norris (04/2021), Female

Hello my name is Mrs Norris and I am a gentle little lady! I was living on the streets with my two brothers, we grew up living near a busy road being fed by a kind lady. As we grew up we started to wander more and closer to the road, so the kind people at LBS took us in to keep us safe.

Gentle should be my middle name, I am so sweet and cute. I like to lay in the sunshine and let my fur soak up the warmth! I love other cats, especially my brothers, so I need a home with at least one other cat to be my friend. Playing with my cat friends is my favourite thing to do, we have a great time wrestling and chasing toy mice together! I like to sit up high, so a tall scratching post is ideal for me. I love to watch the world go by whilst relaxing. I am so sweet and gentle, I’ll chirp at you for attention and cuddles. I can’t get enough of being around you! I will follow you and help with anything you need. Food is amazing and I love breakfast time, as soon as I hear the food bag rustling I will ever so politely sit there until it’s time to eat.


I have the cutest meow and I will let you know when I want attention, a scratch on my head and neck is my favourite thing ever. Watching the birds and cars out a window is really nice too. I would love to snuggle on a lap and window watch with my human.

I may be young but I’m not crazy like the other kittens, I love to sleep! I would love a family to love me and treat me like the princess I am.


Mrs. Norris was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in November 2022. 

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