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Flora (11/2020)

Behind our shelter there is a Gypsy camp. We don’t usually have much trouble from them but today the little children were shouting at our front gates. They don’t speak English, we don’t speak Greek but we managed to (somehow) communicate that they have a puppy. We followed them to their camp where they presented us with this little puppy and asked us to buy her. They obviously struggle with money and have taken to selling animals to try and make a living. We explained to them that this is not legal and we would not buy the puppy from them, but we also could not leave the little girl in their hands. They have cut all her whiskers off and as she tried to run away they chased her down and grabbed her, using her as a disposable item just to make €20. We are lucky we managed to get Flora and she is safe at our shelter.

Flora is a wonderful little puppy! She loves easily and gets so excited to see you! She is only a baby so needs training to grow up to be a clever lady. She is already a very smart lady and has learnt some tricks so will benefit from more. She loves toys and to chew everything she can, so make sure you have lots of chewy dog toys to keep her occupied! She is so well behaved already and it good with cats too. She loves a cuddle and to sit on your lap. She will give big kisses when she sees you and always wag her tail! She will make a wonderful addition to any home.

Flora was adopted abroad and in April 2021 she travelled to her forever home. 

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