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Maya (03/2021), Female

Hello my name is Maya and i am a recent addition to LBS family. I used to live as stray and roam around one of the teams feeding stations in Varkiza since I was a kitten. The team was taking care of me and fed me on a daily basis. Even though i am still young i got pregnant and that was the moment one of the team members decided it was time to remove me from the streets and take me to the vets. I got sterilised and the vets also operated to close the socket of my missing eye.

I am a very sweet lady and very friendly towards people. I had to stay in a crate for a while until my eye and belly totally healed, but I am very easy going and easy to handle with everything. I was very happy once I got the change to get out of the crate and roam freely in the house. I was able to meet the rest of the family members and make friends as I love other cats!

I am extremely beautiful as you can see from the pictures and even though my one eye is missing , it doesn’t stop be doing anything! I can get scared with loud noises and quick movements and run to hide but I will never attack or hiss, I am a gentle lady.

 I am tabby brown with white socks which makes me even more sweet. I enjoy to sleep on high scratching posts next to windows where I can watch the world go by. As I am still new to the shelter, I still haven’t fully let my guards down to let my personality blossom but being such a sweetheart everyone believes I will quickly change when I will move to her forever home! I love to take naps during the day and to spend time on the terrace under the warm sun! I love to sunbath! I also enjoy wet food and treats a lot! I  still don’t spend time playing with humans or other cats and will prefer to take it easy, lay on the couch and observe the rest of the cats running and playing!

Maya was adopted abroad and she travelled to he forever home in January 2023.

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